Frequently Asked Questions

  • Order

    1.      How do I place an order?


    Initially, you must become a member of Matematick and then you will be able to purchase credit. You can choose the package of credit depending on the number of questions you want to ask. Accordingly, the terms of credit will change. You can see the details on our pricing page.


    2.      Can I add and/or drop a question or exchange my order?


    Each question is treated separately. After you submit your question, you will not be able to change it afterwards, which also means that you cannot change the content of your question after you submit it. Hence, please check your question before sending it to us.


    3.      Do I have to register for purchasing?


    Yes, you must register in order for you to be able to purchase credit.


    4.      What is credit?


    Credit is a payment unit which provides you the possibility to pay for the services you aim to receive from Matematick. Without credit you will not be able to send your question to us.


    5.      How do I purchase credits?


    You can easily purchase credits by following the instruction from our pricing page.


    6.      How can I use my credits?


    First-time users will be given enough credit (5 credits) to ask their first question for free. After using your given five credits, you can purchase one of our credit packages. You can see the details from our pricing page.


    7.      How can I ask a question on


    After logging in, you can ask your question by clicking the 'Ask Now' button in the upper right corner of the site. A special video has also been created which you can view as soon as you enter our website to assist you in asking your questions at our platform. As you go through this video you will be informed regarding every step that you need to take in order to successfully ask your question and receive the correct answer to your question.   


    8.      Can I ask my Math questions at any time?


    That is the sole reason why our platform exists. has tutors from many countries around the world who are always available to answer your questions 24/7. Please be aware that, Matematick will provide you the answer within 4 hours. By doing so, we aim to avoid the possibility for our users to use our services for cheating purposes. 


    9.      Is it possible to see other questions which have been asked by other members?


    On the 'Question Bank' page, you can access all the questions which have been previously asked.


    10.  Is it possible to see the answers of all the questions that have been asked by other members?


    Yes, just like for questions, you can also see the answers to all of the questions on the ‘’Question Bank” page.


    11.  How can I become a tutor at


    Very simple! You can reach us via the 'Contact' page and all you have to do is just shoot us an email!


    12.  What are the criteria to become a tutor?


    There are two main criteria: have a mathematical background, teaching experience, and most importantly passion about mathematics.


    13.  How do I order a tutor?


    You should send us an email at, requesting your tutor from our tutors list. In order for us to be able to address your problems in an efficient manner, you will be given a generic test which contains questions on the topic you need help (e.g. algebra, arithmetic, geometry, etc.). According to your test results, we will create a very customized study plan which will best fit your needs.


    14.  How can I check if the discount or gift coupon reduces the total amount?


    Currently, our system does not provide discount coupons.


    15.  My order did not go through, but I have been charged for it. What should I do?


    All you need to do is send us your details through "Contact" page or by sending us an email at or alternatively write us on the “Live Chat” which can be found at the bottom right of the page. We will check your information and solve your issue immediately.


    16.  Where Is My Order?


    After logging in to our website, you can view the credits you have purchased from the “History” section on “My Account” page.

  • Return, Cancellation, and Refund

    1.      What are your return policies?


    For detailed information regarding our return policies, please visit “Terms and Conditions” page.


    2.      I cannot see the refund in my bank account. What should I do?


    We make sure all refunds to all our customers are processed immediately once confirmed. If you haven't received your refund within 14 days, please check with your bank first. If you still haven't received your refund, please email us at


    3.      Can I cancel my order?


    Yes! Orders can be cancelled by emailing us at

  • Payment Methods

    1.      What are our payment methods?


    You can make your payment only by using credit cards.  We do not accept payments via bank transfer.


    2.      What are our payment methods?


    You can make your payment only by using credit cards.  We do not accept payments via bank transfer.


    3.      How can I use bonus points on my credit cards?


    Unfortunately, we don’t process payments by Credit Cards bonus points for now.


    4.      How safe am I by making payment via credit card?


    We pride ourselves in providing a highly secure system for our customers. is protected by 128bit SSL, using Skrill infrastructure.

  • Membership Registration

    1.      How can I be a registered member?


    You can subscribe by clicking on the 'Register' button found in the upper right corner of our website.


    2.      How can I change my password?


    Once you become a member, at “My Account” section, you can change your password following the instructions which will be shown to you.


    3.      I forgot my password, what should I do?


    When you want to login, you will be asked if you forgot your password. You can request your new password by following the very easy process which will be shown to you.


    4.      How can I cancel my membership?


    Contact us on the ‘Contact’ page or email us at and we shall cancel your membership.


    5.      I want to reactivate my cancelled membership. What should I do?


           If for any case you would like to reactivate your account, kindly send us an email at

It is our Mission to ensure that you have all the correct answers for all your Mathematics questions, at any time.